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Lapis Lazuli Pendant Sterling Silver Kings Chain Necklace hand-engraved Islamic Verse "The Throne"

Lapis Lazuli Pendant Sterling Silver Kings Chain Necklace hand-engraved Islamic Verse "The Throne"

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PENDANT: Lapis Lazuli(natural)

METAL : .925 Sterling Silver

DIMENSIONS : 24 x 22 mm 

CHAIN: Byzantine King chain

METAL : .925 Sterling Silver

LENGHT: 55 cm - 21inches


What is engraved on the stone?

There are certain verses in the Quran that were revealed by Allah to help guide us. They are so powerful that by simply reciting them you, your home and your family would be protected from many evils and from the powers of Shaitan.This verse is ayah 255 from Surah Baqarah commonly referred to as Ayatul Kursi (meaning “The Throne”). It is likely the most well known ayat across the entire Ummah, estimation is that hundreds of million of people know it by heart. It would more difficult to find a believing Muslim who doesn’t know Ayatul Kursi than one who does. This is something you really can’t say about many other verses from the Quran. 

Benefits of Ayatul Kursi
  • One who recites Ayatul Kursi every morning will be in the protection, the safety of Allah until the night.
  • If a person recites it once, Almighty Allah has a group of Angels to come and protect him/her when going out of the home. If repeated twice, then two groups of Angels are assigned to do this. If recited thrice, Allah tells the Angels not to worry as the Almighty himself takes care of the person.
  • Allah Almighty told Hazrat Musa (A.S), “If one recites it after every Namaz, the Almighty Allah will make his heart a thankful one, will give him a reward of the Prophets and his deeds will be like those of the truthful and nothing except death will stop will stop him from going into heaven.”
  • Holy Prophet (SAW) said: “These things increase one memory: sweets, the meat of an animal which is slaughtered in Islamic manner near the neck, Lentils, cold bread and recitation of Ayatul Kursi.”
  • Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “If one recites Ayatul Kursi before going to sleep, Allah will send an Angel to come and look after you and protect you.”
  • One who recites Ayatul Kursi after every prayer, their Namaz will be accepted, and they will remain in the safety of Allah Almighty, and He will protect them.
  • Frequent recitation of Ayatul Kursi makes one’s own death easy.
  • When someone is alone in the home, the recitation of Ayatul Kursi will make him/her remain calm and will not fear.
  • If you recite ayatul kursi when you leave your house, then Allah will appoint 70,000 angels to protect you from all sides
  • Having prayed it when you enter, your will keep poverty away from you, and Allah will keep providing for you abundantly
  • If you recite it after carrying out wudu, then it will raise you by 70 times in the ranks of Allah
  • If you recite ayatul kursi before sleeping, then an angel will be appointed to protect you for the whole night
  • After any fardh (obligatory) salah, if it prayed, then the only thing preventing you from entering paradise is death
  • If ayatul kursi is prayed, then this will help to increase his memory and strengthen it if it’s become weak
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